Strategic Consultation Services

Not certain if your practice operation is as efficient as it can be? Are there additional revenue opportunities that you can be leveraging that won’t take you outside of your niche and discipline? Our Strategic Consultation is a 2 step process:

Market Acquisition and Positioning Assessment

We start by making a thorough assessment to clearly identify and define your unique selling proposition and niche within the market space. We then provide an assessment and feedback on the Value Added Marketing strategies currently deployed, which looks at how you engage and serve your customers before you ever even make an ask. We do this by helping our clients create quality content and utilizing social media platforms to create both a community and a brand reputation.

  • Branding: consistency, voice, social media content, emails, website content, blogging etc.

  • Developing your social media strategy: increasing followers and engagement, becoming a resource for parents and educators

  • Partnering on content creation: creating branded resources, minor graphic design, copy writing, curating content etc.

Business Process and Systems Improvement

With our BPSI service offering we thoroughly assess, document, and format your workflows into repeatable systems and processes. With our documented processes, we provide you and your team with a roadmap to follow for every task, therein allowing for greater consistency. Additionally, having a set method to follow allows you and your employees (new or old) to make sure that fewer mistakes happen and all operations are performed as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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